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The Love for Sports and the Results Now

For those who like to play gambling on the Internet, it is probably difficult to imagine that the loss has a variety of options, not just one. The user can lower everything that he has for a couple of drawings, and can lose only a certain percentage, remaining, which is called “afloat.” On a personal example, you can see in practice that the difference in spending money can be significant. This is actually the main idea of ​​this article – in online gambling games you need to count not only on the mandatory winnings, but also be prepared for possible losses, competently minimizing them.

To effectively control this process by trial and error, various methods for mitigating losses have been developed. One of the most famous such methods is Stop-loss. The principle of this technique is quite simple: the player independently sets a limit on the amount that can be lost for a certain period of time. After reaching the set limit, the player must either leave the game or pause. It remains to understand this in more detail, for this you can use the standard game in the poker room. The sports variation is also wide.

Stop-loss functionality

A fairly long period of time, which is mainly followed by losses, means that the player makes serious mistakes or begins to lose control of the game, without realizing he starts raising the stakes higher and higher, losing more and more. Unfortunately, the realization of such moments comes too late. In such situations, it is difficult for the players to admit their guilt, and they refer to banal bad luck, trying not to think that, by and large, they are themselves to blame for the loss. If we follow the basic principles of this technique, the player will not succumb to his turbulent emotions, since the game will automatically end when certain conditions are met, thus not allowing the so-called tilt, when the feeling of excitement drowns out reason and common sense, and this practically always leads to high costs and failure.

Correct definition of the maximum allowable loss amount

The Stop-loss technique allows you to calculate the limit on loss in several basic ways. The first method involves limiting the bankroll, when the player cannot lose more than the set percentage, usually the amount that can be lost is set at 10% of all funds on the account. In addition, the limit should be adjusted in cases where the bankroll is significantly increased.

The second method is based on the size of the stack and the tactics of the game. If the gameplay involves short stacks, then it is necessary to stop when blind spots were lost 80, and throughout the entire gaming session 160. However, it should be noted that these options are only recommendatory, not mandatory. You can set the limits for the loss individually in each case. In cases where the Stop-Loss technique is used, one should also take into account personal preferences, but it’s worth knowing the measure and the golden rule: never set the bankroll threshold above 25% of the amount on the account.